Could YOU be a councillor?

Are there things about your community you would like to improve? Have you ever considered standing as a Conservative candidate?

Conservative councillors and candidates are already working hard across Surrey Heath, helping their neighbours and improving their lives by standing up for local services. If you think you might have what it takes to join them, I’d like to hear from you.

You don’t have to give up your job or surrender your social life, and you would receive all the support you need to be a fantastic councillor. The main qualification is a genuine concern for the community; knowledge and experience will soon follow.

Surrey County Council works for the 1.2m residents in the county and provides services including social services, roads and highways, libraries, trading standards and manages parts of the countryside for everyone's enjoyment.

Our borough councils, Surrey Heath and Guildford, provide services such as waste collection and disposal, recycling and waste management, local planning functions. civic amenities provision.and street cleaning.

Parish councils are the most local tier of government.

If you would like more information on standing as a local council candidate and how you could help to make a real difference in our area, please either email me at or give me a call on 07768 298492.

Richard Robinson



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